Friday, January 10, 2014

Contemporary Blue Quilt Blocks Kit

This is a new and contemporary pre-cut quilt kit we have added to our online shop.

Kit includes pre-cut fabric for the quilt blocks. Finished Size: 30 x 40.

Quilt kit features the Sixteen Patch quilt block pattern. Cotton fabrics are 4 different fabric prints to make your blocks. The fabrics are a small and medium polk a dots in shades of blue, black, white and gray on either a black or a white background. Fabrics are by Kennsington Studios for Quilting Treasures.

Included in your Pre-Cut kit:
  • Pre-Cut fabric pieces to make stated quilt blocks.
  • Finished size of each quilt block 10 inches.
  • One quilt kit will make 12 quilt blocks.
  • Pattern included.
Images are representational as each quilt kit is unique due to the nature and coloring of the fabrics.

Combining more than one set of blocks gives you the perfect quilt size!

REMEMBER this quilt kit is PRE-CUT for you!


A 12 block layout could look like this example below.

Contemporary Blue pre-cut quilt blocks kit

We have a wide selection of themes and patterns of precut quilt kits to choose from.

For more precuts, please visit QUILT KIT SHOP pre-cut kits.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New England Quilt Festival

Will be held in April  2013 in Manchester, New Hampshire.
What an exciting place to be.
Will you be able to attend?
 Oh the quilt shows!
Oh the QUILTS!
Oh the information that will be!
New England Quilt Festival

Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Right now we have 6 new pre-cut die cut Christmas stocking kits listed in the store. We will be working on more different prints also.
 But these are great new die cut quilt kits for the upcoming holiday season. Now is the time to get started on these fun easy projects. These are easy to sew stocking quilt kit.
These nice stocking die cut quilt kits will come in a variety of colors and prints. And the kits are complete for you. 

Each kit consists of:  1 stocking front, 1 stocking back, 1 all-around stocking cuff, 2 stocking lining, 1 cuff cotton batting, 2 stocking cotton batting and 1 hanging loop.
You may add embellishments as desired.

Be sure and check out all the die cut stocking quilt kits we have in stock.
 For more PRECUTS, please visit QUILT KIT SHOP.

HAPPY  Quilting!

White DeerPenguin BlueSanta Faces

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Deals on precut quilt kits

We have a new Deal of the Day. Save 15% on the remaining Midnight Pumpkins we have in stock. A cute autumn precut quilt kit.
Quilting kit features cotton fabrics with scattered pumpkins in light and medium shades of orange with green stubby stems on a black background fabric. With a few scattered white sparkle of star. A light orange speckle blender, a solid orange and a solid black. Great Autumn or Halloween festive colors.
We have added some new pages and categorized the neatly for our customers, have you seen them yet? These pages are for your convenience, and offer some of the fantastic deals for our customers. It is a section we call Especially For You.
Some of the things you will find there are the Deal of theDay, the Coupon page, our charts on HowMany Blocks you need and a new page on How to Calculate backing fabric, the Rewards Program and Birthday Club.

We hope you enjoy the new pages and make use of them.
For more PRECUTS, please visit QUILT KIT SHOP pre-cut kits.
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Die Cut Quilt Kits

We have added a new section to our online store in order to make it easier for our customers to find the new pre-cut die cut quilt kits. It is called:  DIE CUT KITS.
We are adding more and more pre-cut die cut quilt kits as these are very popular and have been requested. We have had requests for different quilt patterns and some of these will be easier for us to accommodate by die cutting them.

Some of the new die cut patterns we are working on are the Apple Core, Heart, Holiday Stocking, Rag Quilt, Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam, Tumbler and Winding Way. Feel free to visit the pre-cut die cut section and see some of the quilt kits we have and soon to have kits. DIE CUT KITS

More quilt kits to come soon. In the mean time you can request your color tone and size today. Simply send us an email or use the Request Yours Today link. Which is the same link used for the next big hit link. We do take requests. We also do custom orders.


For more PRECUTS, please visit QUILT KIT SHOP  pre-cut kits.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012



The apple core is a traditional quilt shape and has been a long time favorite among quilters. Our apple core quilt kits are updated with specially designed notches on all four sides for easier sewing. Make a quilt with just one shape; simply add more apple core shapes to the length and width to increase the size of your quilt. These quilts are perfect finished off with or without borders.

This quilt kit includes 4-2/3 yards precut fabric pieces for the Apple Core quilt blocks. Each quilt block measures approx.: 6-7/8” x 5-3/8” at the widest points.  Finished size for one kit is 41” x 50” if made like we have shown. You may leave the sides in the apple core shape or square them off like a traditional quilt if you like.

The kit comes with our step-by-step piecing instructions that include color diagrams and color pictures. Fabric is not pre-washed.

Quilting kit features cotton fabrics with white snowflakes on red, beige blender, solid white and burgundy red stripe.  NOT INCLUDED: Batting, back and binding.

For more PRECUTS, please visit QUILT KIT SHOP pre-cut kits.


Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


PICKLE VILLE Pre Cut Quilt Block Kit
Do you love pickles? Sweet pickles, sour pickles, bread and butter pickles? Hmmmmmmm. Aren’t they good in sandwiches and burgers? What about quilts? Now you can make an heirloom with your favorite condiment.  Our precut quilt kit with these yummy pickles only uses 2 fabrics but the design is awesome.

This quilt kit includes precut fabric pieces for 12 Interlocking Rail quilt blocks. Each quilt block measures 12 ½ inches square.  Finished size for one kit is 36” x 48”. Two kits finish to 48” x 72”, three kits finish to 72” x 72”, and four kits finish to 72” x 96”.


Quilting kit features cotton fabrics with sliced pickles over a black background. You decide if they are sweet pickles or dill pickles. And a gray and black geometric tone on tone will finish the fabrics in the rail fence variation quilt pattern design. Fabrics in this precut quilt kit are by Timeless Treasure and Quilting Treasures. You can make a nice quilt for the one that LOVES pickles, geometric quilts, two color quilts and rail fence patterns.

You may choose to increase the size of the quilt by adding additional kits, blocks, sashings and borders. Since borders can be a very personal matter, we leave that choice to you.


Here you can see what just one block looks like. PICKLE VILLE

For more PRECUTS, please visit QUILT KIT SHOP  pre-cut kits.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


BLUE MIDNIGHT ROSE Pre Cut Quilt Block Kit

These are just gorgeous fabrics. And we PRE-CUT them for you! We love the blue rose print, it is just stunning against the jet black.  

This quilt kit includes 2-1/4 yards precut fabric pieces for 12 Economy quilt blocks. Each quilt block measures 8 ½ inches square. Finished size for one kit is 24” x 32”. Two kits finish to 32” x 48”, three kits finish to 48” x 48”, and four kits finish to 48” x 64”.  

Quilting kit features cotton fabrics with stunning roses in shades of blue on a jet black background with a touch of green leaves. A mottled green blender in light and medium shades of green, white dots scattered with blue dots on a black background and a blue filigree print.   

You may choose to increase the size of the quilt by adding additional kits, blocks, sashings and borders. Since borders can be a very personal matter, we leave that choice to you.

Here you can see what just one block looks like.  BLUE MIDNIGHT ROSE

For more PRECUTS, please visit  QUILT KIT SHOP pre-cut kits.
Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summertime Sewing

Summertime is not only a great time to go outside and play in the sun, swim, go to the beach but it is a great time to get some quilting done. Especially when the afternoons get HOT! A nice time to think about those holiday quilts, birthday quilts and small quilt projects that take a small amount of time in an afternoon or weekend.

We have added new sections to our store to make it easy for you to find that perfect precut quilt kit project. And you know we are always busy adding new and exciting precut quilt kits all the time.

One new category we love and it has shown to be a hit is called SQUARE DEAL. Here you will find precut quilt kits that you will be able to make a quilt that ends up SQUARE! Not all quilts need to be rectangle or long. Sometimes we want a square one, for a wall hanging, table topper, baby quilt, picnic quilt, stadium quilt or something to tot along with us. There are a number or great idea for SQUARE quilts and we have now a devoted section for this. So be sure and check out SQUARE DEAL soon as we continue to ad more wonderful kits there.

Here are just a few of our Square Deal pre cut quilt kits.

Happy Quilting,

Friday, February 17, 2012

President’s Day Weekend Sale!

President’s Day Weekend Sale!

All weekend long! Don’t miss out, we have 2 coupons from which you can pick from for your savings. So save a few bucks and make some nice cuddly quilts the easy way, using our wonderful PRECUT quilt kits.
Coupons are ONLY good this LONG President’s Day weekend, it all ends Monday February 20’th.
Coupon 1: save 5% on your purchase of $50.00 or more. Use code: take5on50
Coupon 2: save 10% on your purchase of $60 or more. Use code: smart10

We are always adding more new precut quilt kits so be sure and check out the What’s New page often.


Happy Quilting.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Gift

Month of giving thanks

November is the month of giving thanks. We are very thankful for ALL of our WONDERFUL customers that support us every single day. All month long for the month of NOVEMBER we will be showing our appreciation to our wonderful customers by giving a FREE gift to all our customers that place an order.

(Our free gift will be a one block precut quilt kit, gift value $4.99 or more. The more orders you place the more block kits you will receive. There are many projects you can make from these cute small precut quilt kits. We will choose one for you.)

Kits on SALE and NEW

All of our precut quilt kits are on sale for a limited time. Be sure and pick up your favorite for a great holiday or gift quilt project. Our precut quilt kits make great gifts and very nice quilts.

We have added MANY new Take One precut quilt kits. Be sure and check them out.

New Clearance

The clearance section has been updated also. Now all the items added to this section will be marked down 25%. So you will be able to save a nice bit of change while they last, as you can still use coupons and all returning customers will still receive the automatic 5% savings we give.

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flower if a different shade

Who said flowers had to be bright and colorful; and pretty and bold? Some flowers can make a statement and be just as pretty in muted earth tones as the makers of the Choco-Latte Collection have shown. The Choco-Latte Collection is an earthy tone collection by Red Rooster Fabrics. There are a lot of fabrics in this collection but we just used a couple of them. We were drawn to the whimsical flowers in muted browns tossed about on a sage green background and the taupe and brown scratch print. We added a rich brown for the last rail in this rail fence quilt block pattern to give this quilt a pop!

Oh, did I mention we used the traditional quilt pattern, THE RAIL FENCE! What a striking quilt block this is and a very nice looking quilt indeed.

Of course the rail fence is a very easy quilt pattern to sew together and also looks great and you really can’t go wrong with this pattern at all. And with these fantastic fabrics you will have such a lovely quilt. Just take a peek at the quilt. We just love the outcome. This is a favorite among our customers and we can see why. 

What makes for a good quilt block?
1: Good quality fabrics.

2: Good contrast. 

3: Strategically arranged colors.
4: Accurate sewing.

And don’t forget to square up as you go.
Happy Quilting.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speedway Racer Hotrods

This is a quilt we have put together that is easy to sew and a great use of those larger print fabrics. We love the way you can use the larger prints without having to cut them up and loose the visual line and appeal of the print in the quilt. The fun bright colors in this quilt is sure to please the auto racer FOR SURE!!!!! What nice dramatic color in these hot rod cars: blue, gray, kiwi green, orange and school bus yellow. I think the only hot rod color missing is that bright fire engine red. But with all the other neat colors I don’t think you will mind. I guess the manufacture was thinking along that line. Speaking of the manufacture this neat hot rod print is by RL Studio for South Sea Imports.

The other nice racing print is racing flags also in all sorts of bright colors against a bright blue background. This is an awesome print by Sheely Benton for Henry Glass. This quilt top kit has easy sashing, borders and binding. This quilt top kit is an easy to sew project.

And this quilt will be A must for the young race car fans out there!

So start your engines and shift your gears, ready – set—quilt!!!!!!

More precut quilt TOP kits:

Happy Quilting.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why if you quilt would you purchase a pre cut quilt kit

Why would someone that quilts want to purchase a pre cut quilt kit? There are several good reasons for this: The main reason would be to SAVE TIME! Cut down on planning and increase your chance for a successful completed quilt. The same would be true for someone that is not a quilter. In fact even more so, purchasing a Pre Cut Quilt Kits  SAVES TIME!

It saves time in searching for perfectly matching fabric, all the time running from shop to shop looking for fabric, the hours pressing all the perfectly found fabric and the hours it would take to cut out all of the necessary pieces for your masterpiece quilt.

Per cut quilt kits are already planned and organized for you. All the fabrics and colors that are hand selected and that means “no fuss” for you. What a relief knowing the fabrics in a pre cut quilt kit will go together and look great. No guess work! The first block will be just as nice looking as the last block.

Most people we have come across whether avid quilters or beginner have little interest in cutting out all of those pieces necessary of a quilt top. And trying to cut each and every piece precisely, perfect without error! Because with errors in size and shape your quilt top will never come together correctly, flat, square and without ripples.

Purchasing a pre cut quilt kit increases your chances of a successful quilt, and we know that finishing a quilt is indeed a great feeling of success and accomplishment. And that means you will be coming back to purchase another pre cut quilt kit, because they are easy to sew and easy to use. Making a quilt just got so much EASIER! There is no reason why you should not start a quilt today!

We have a large selection of precut quilt kits to choose from. Smaller projects like table runners. Small quilt kits for baby, toddlers and children. A great section of quilt kits for the sports fan and for the guys in your life. Larger quilt kits for the more ambitious quilter. There are tons of different colors, patterns, styles and designs.

Happy Quilting.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The World of Bed Runners

Bed runners, do you know about these awesome precut quilt kits? They are a new and exciting concept in the world of home decor these days in the quilting world. Bed runner quilts are just as decorative as they are functional. They can add a bright touch of color or a soothing tonal tone to your bedroom. In the cool months bed runners can give you an additional bit of warmth for your feet. In the warm months when you have the air conditioners on and when the weight and warmth of a big quilt is just too much, a bed runner placed over your feet is all you need to keep the chill off.

Bed runners make it so easy to change the d├ęcor in your room from season to season and from holiday to holiday. Making a runner is a lot easier than making a large sized quilt. They are smaller and take less time. Our bed runner precut quilt kits will make decorating your bedroom a breeze. Add a splash of color with these delightful new precut quilt kits.

Bed runner can also be placed on the other end of your bed to go over the pillows as a decorative touch. You place your bed quilts on your beds and under your pillows, place the bed runner over your pillows adding more color or contrasting color for a true upscale designer look.

Our first bed runner precut quilt kits are in your traditional rail fence pattern. This quilt pattern is easy to sew and traditional in style. We will be adding more color and designs so be sure to check back.

Happy Quilting.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Oh, sometimes I wonder what has happened to my package. The postal rates keep going up and up. But what about the service. We provide tracking for all of our packages that leave the shop. Just so both you and I can see where they are in transit. But lately I have noticed that the postal service is getting very slow at updating the website with tracking information. I really don’t understand or like this. It makes me feel bad for my customers that want to know where their packages are. Especially when we email them and let them know that the packages indeed have been mailed, yet the tracking does not state that yet.

Even when I buy my fabrics from our suppliers, I check tracking on them also. And they are not any better. Sometimes two, three days later the tracking is still not there for my fabric purchases. Then on the third or fourth day I go back to check and it says it is out for delivery. And what do you know! My fabric order is on my doorstep. Now what is up with that! I know the postal service is extremely busy and they have cutbacks also. And using their Priority Flat Rate packages is a great value. Usually is the cheapest and quickest way to mail 9 times out of 10. I just hope everyone does keep in mind we do mail all our packages when we say we do and we give you a tracking number so both of us can keep track of your package progress and we need to be patient when it comes to waiting for our packages. The tracking numbers are good and maybe in the near future the postal service will be able to catch up. But most of the time the postal service is pretty fast updating the tracking. And getting the packages to their destinations fast isn’t that what really matters?
But the postal service is doing a great job with all of our packages. So far all of our packages have been delivered to their destinations.

Happy Quilting.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lost and then found?

I just love it! We have had a couple of our Thimbleberry quilt kits in the retired section for sooooooo long because we could not find the fabrics any longer. I thought they would never be able to get relisted. Then over the long holiday weekend I could not believe I can across a site that actually had a few yards of the very hard to find pieces. Oh, I just had to get them. I placed an order and the fabrics arrived TODAY!!!!!!! I can now cut and cut and cut the pieces for these wonderful quilt kits that were always so very popular with you all. Oh, how I can’t wait to get them in the store for everyone. You will just love these fabrics, these lovely prints and colors. They may just be in the retired section again soon! But it will be so very nice to see them in the main section of our store just one more time.

June News

June is here and that means it is summertime again! Although that means a lot of us will be going outdoors for summer fun we want to tempt you in our next promotion so you can still get some quilting done in between all your summer fun. We know you enjoyed the hidden sale hunt we just had, but this one is so much easier for summertime.

We have a 15% off sale going on that started TODAY! No coupon needed sale prices are scattered throughout the store already. Just browse and pick the precut kit, pattern, fabric or quilt top you like. We will be adding more very soon.

No reason why you should not make a cute or masculine quilt. We make it so easy for you with our pre cut quilt kits with our easy to follow instructions with color pictures and diagrams. Plus we offer fast shipping and your kits and packaged securely with care. You can get started in no time.

As always you can check out the newest items by going to the New Arrivals Section.

Happy Quilting,

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chance to win a FREE pre cut quilt kit.

We are starting a FREE quilt kit give-a-way for an 8 week running. If you want a chance to win the pre cut quilt kit for that week, you need to make a purchase of any size that week. And your name will automatically be entered in the drawing. Each drawing will be held on Friday starting November 12, 2010 and the last drawing will be December 31, 2010.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you prefer to make an account?

online survey

Creating a customer account allows our system to add your information into the checkout field for you. So you can sign in faster. You can also access order history and shipping status from the account your create.

Do you prefer to make an account for on-line stores for faster checkout or not? Or would it cause you to just abandon your checkout and leave the store to go else where. Even if the make an account was optional. Making an account is a good idea but not everyone wants to be bothered with it. Maybe having that feature added at the end of the checkout process would be a good idea.

Does anyone really use that feature? Do the customers really come back and check on prior orders. Or do they really care if their name and address is automatically added in the checkout page for them? Does saving a few seconds really count? Maybe the shipping price and the price of your items are more important. I wonder??????

Be sure and do our survey and see what other people think.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zodiac has come to the store.

ZODIAC Pre Cut Quilt Blocks Kit, this quilting kit features cotton fabrics with gold tone Zodiac, astrology, celestial character, zodiac signs and word on a deep navy blue background. Words like: Zodiac, Cancer, Asiroiogy, Gemini, Fire, Water, Saciarie, Sagittarius and Astrology. A nay sky print with gold tone stars. Browns, cream and gold tones along with navy blue are your main colors. Fabrics are by Hoffman, Robert Kaufman and Red Rooster.

No cutting for you with this quilt kit, just take the pieces out of the package and sew.

This precut quilt kit makes 12 blocks, 9” Finished. One quilt kit will make a quilt top size 27” x 36”.

You may choose to increase the size of the quilt by adding additional kits, blocks, sashings and borders. Since borders can be a very personal matter, we leave that choice to you.

Our instructional patterns include, diagrams, color photos and easy to follow instructions.

And yes this is a new listing to our store.




One block diagram

12 block layout option

Monday, June 14, 2010

Table Runner Category

Many quilters like to make smaller quilts so we made a new category for smaller quilt kits that will feature table runner quilt kits. And yes all these nice table runner quilt kits are ALL PRE CUT QUILT KITS. Because we know all of our customers LOVER our PRE CUT quilt kits. They save you so much time in cutting. Be sure and check them out. We will try to add more table runner quilt kits as we go along. But you never know how long the kits will last in the category. And we never know if we can get the exact fabric again to make more.

Here is one of our newest pre cut table runner quilt kits. Fruit Birds Runner 

Love the rich colors in this table runner kit. And the birds are as cute as can be.
The pattern is easy to sew and very eye catching.

Be sure and check out all the other Table Runner Kits we have.

Or any of the other pre cut quilt kits listed in the store. We carry a large variety.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So many wonderful new pre cut quilt kits have been added the past few weeks there are way to many to show. You will just have to take a peek at the New Arrival Category.

That is where the new items are placed for a short time when newly listed in the store. We have made new Easter quilt kits and also some for St. Patrick’s Day. And yes it’s never to early for Halloween. Since that is one of our more popular holidays.

We also added new flower kits, fish kits, dogs, cats, cars and stars. You get the idea. We have been very, VERY busy. But then we enjoy the cutting so you don’t have to.

Happy quilting, and I hope you find a nice pre cut quilt kit for your Spring project.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Green, one of the most soothing colors there is. And we have a new pre cut quilt kit added to the store today. Not that there has not been many new kits added lately. But this one is easy, and fast to sew. And a very traditional quilt pattern, the Rail Fence. Three very nice green fabrics. You be the judge.

A traditional layout option for the blocks.
Add a border and you would have a great looking easy to make quilt.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We have been very busy making new pre cut quilt kits. We have added these awesome new kits to the store. It is always exciting to add the new kits to the store. Some of them go so fast.

Pink Lavender Floral Hearts, great for a Valentine’s Day quilt.

Horse Dreams and Horseshoes, a fantastic star quilt kit. neat, rich earth tones. What an awesome quilt kit for the horse lover.

A cute "I Love My Dog" quilt kit. Nice bright neon colors. A 2 block pre cut quilt kit. You will make 6 of each block in this cute dog kit. Great for the dog lover, for sure!

Thimbleberries Lodge & Lakeside rail fence pre cut quilt kit. This is our second addition.  Nice rich earth tones in this kit. And the traditional rail fence is an easy to sew pattern. A favorite with our customers.

Be sure and check out even more new pre cut quilt kits as we keep making more new items and replacing some sold out items as we can.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year



Happy New Year everyone.
This is going to be a fantastic year of quilting. We will keep you quilting with fun and easy new pre cut quilt kits this year.